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Picture of Lucile Maglasang, CEO


Mrs. Lucile A. Maglasang

Welcome to Unicol Management Services, Inc.!

We live in this period of human history where the world has become a global village through the advancement of technology-enabled transportation and communication. This phenomenon has perpetuated the rapid growth in shipping and travel. In almost every aspect of modern living, at the core of worldwide technological development . . . are people.

In this climate of competition and change, we at UNICOL have committed to provide the best in quality seafarers – hardworking professionals and officers, and an excellent maritime support crew who are honed in the discipline of safe ship-operation and navigation.

Alongside our commitment to excellence, we adhere to the principles of attracting, selecting and maintaining in our roster strong pool of seafarers who have demonstrated unquestionable integrity and performance in alignment with the UNICOL Code of Ethics.

We are proud to have the best professional seafarers and maritime master mariners as part of our UNICOL family. We take you under our wings and consider you as a valuable partner in promoting the growth of the UNICOL group of companies. It is only through shared commitment and responsibility that we can realize our mission of providing world-class services to our clientele and stakeholders which is evident with our ISO 9001:2000 by the ABS Quality Evaluations, Inc. (ABS QE) Management System Certification.

We remain steadfast in our pledge to produce and supply globally-competitive seafarers and officers, and we shall continue fulfilling the demand for competent and disciplined seafarers in the world market.

As we aspire to achieve our company vision and mission, we shall always be devoted to the strength and unifying force that binds UNICOL: the vision and mission founded on shared and harmonious relations by our hardworking GM (General Manager) and division managers, as well as the dedication of our UNICOL men and women.

Mabuhay Unicol Seafarer! Long-live UNICOL!